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The Lonesome Crowded West

The Lonesome Crowded West

Fresh Flames Editorial

By: Dominic Younan + Isaac Younan

"The Lonesome Crowded West" is an expression presented by the Younan brothers for all of our dear friends and family out there that continually show us unpresented support. It is to encourage, and lift up the mindset of how we choose to dress daily. This capsule drop showcases unique, sustainable and classic pieces that have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so. This photoshoot was inspired a lot by pop culture references to cowboys, westerns and 70’s fashion, especially from Cowboy Bebop, Taxi Driver, Blackkklansman and Solange’s ‘When I Get Home’ visual album. The clothing in these movies and references, suggest durability in the clothing, strong enough to survive any weather, and having a sharp, timeless look that reflects personality.

Instead of succumbing to the pressures of social media, ideas of “cool” from the mainstream and streetwear influences, this photoshoot is to showcase and inspire style by using sustainable and high quality vintage pieces, that are cost effective, durable, sustainable and most importantly, timeless. In this age of ever persisting and growing hyper consumerism, keeping up with trends is difficult, as what is desirable is as fickle as the moon, prices for items fluctuate swiftly and the design/style elements of items become outdated after the initial awe fades. We believe that to combat this, is to wear and purchase timeless and classic pieces that form the basis of your own personal style and wardrobe.

A classic garment is something essential, like a pair of blue Levi jeans; a cornerstone of any wardrobe. Timeless silhouettes and items, such as a MA-1 Bomber jacket, have historically served a purpose, such as for military uniform or physical labour workwear. They serve the wearer nobly and without failing, as they prove to be both stylish and practical, and continues to be s staple in modern fashion. These garments still show up in collections from designers today and will no doubt to continue to do so, as classics never go out of style.

A wardrobe without the fundamental pieces cannot work, as any statement piece without the basics as the foundation falls flat, and the look/styling is broken. This is not to denounce new and innovative style trends, fashion is constantly evolving and new styles and silhouettes are always being advanced, created and subverted. However, it is to persuade that chasing trends and spending money on items that are nothing more than fads, is supporting unambitious design, and everything wrong with the fashion industry. Fast fashion stores such as Zara and Topshop are infamous for blatantly ripping off other designer trends and make cheaper quality versions of these items, made in sweatshops are destroying the environment in the process.

By building a wardrobe made of sustainable clothing items that are easy to wear and timeless as the foundation, it makes it easier to experiment and add unique and obscure pieces that suit or can even define your own personal style. The key however, is not to buy anything unnecessary or anything that you wouldn’t wear in the future or enough. All of us have fashion regrets, and that mostly comes from a shallow wardrobe and buying into trends that have diminishing returns. Every piece you buy should be justified.

Sustainability is the key to all of this, the ethos of ‘buy less, buy better’, better in this instance not necessarily meaning expensive (as we prove here at freshflames). Every piece should be an investment, something to grant you satisfaction and even some compliments, whilst being better for your wallet and the environment.

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